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How Often Should Your Horse's Teeth Be Checked?

Equine dental care is a great investment: your horse will be more comfortable, may maximize feed efficiency, may perform better, and may live longer.

Horses have different teeth needs at different ages.

  • A foal should be checked shortly after birth, as early intervention can improve congenital flaws such as brachygnathism (parrot mouth), prognathism (monkey or sow mouth), or wry nose.

  • The individual should then be checked as a yearling and then each 6-months until the age of 5-years to monitor the shedding and re-growth of 24-deciduous (baby) teeth.

  • Generally, after the age of five, a once-a-year checkup will suffice.

The standard guideline is to have an annual dental checkup and necessary treatment to ensure proper and adequate food digestion.

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