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Seedy Toe

Reprinted from Horse Journal

Seedy toe is a powdery disintegration of the while line that occurs in a small area at the center of the horse’s toe. Like more generalized forms of while-line degeneration, it gets its start from the toe being too long and excessive tearing forces at the toe causing mechanical damage. Horses with club feet or with coffin bone rotation are prone to seedy toe as these conditions can interfere with normal circulation to the toe. If caught early and treated by correctly trimming the hoof, no further treatment is needed. When ignored, this is a common area for the organisms that can cause white-line disease to gain entry.

White-line disease: a condition where the white line crumbles and leaves an empty gap in the white line.


· Help avoid white-line disease by trimming the hooves frequently

· Be alert to the crumbling areas in the white line, wider than normal white line, tiny stress cracks in the hooves at the toe

· Resection if the treatment cornerstone

· Pass on harsh chemical treatments

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